The following was received from Uriel, a member of RA, as channeled by Linda Hinks on January 3, 2004.




It has been asked, How should I pray?

Thou shall speak in full dominion.  Do not crawl beseechingly before the One Infinite Creator.  Do not bend in begging manner before the Force.

Let the sincere call of the Soul be heard.  Talk to Creator as though He were personally present.  Indeed, He is thus, within each of you.

He is the still, small voice. Listen.  Within is the Holy of Holies, the voice of Divinity communicating with you.

That which you desire is already yours.  Anything desired awaits manifestation.  Consider yourself worthy to accept these, the gifts of Creator.

Speak.  Speak to Creator in full dominion.  Speak thus:

Our Father, my Higher Self and God-extension,
Who art within,
Hallowed be the name of the God in my Heart.
Thy Kingdom come within,
As Christ Consciousness descends upon me.
Thy will be done as manifested through me,
On earth, in physicality,
As it is in your mind, heaven.
As above, so below.
As within, so without.
Give us this Eternal Now,
And allow us to manifest through you our needs,
from Universal Substance.
And forgive us the trespass of violations against Inner Guardian,
As we forgive the voilations of other foci of consciousness.
And in forgiving, allow us to release self and others
from the karmic wheel.
Lead us not into temptation, the lure of lower vibration,
Lest we become stuck there.
But deliver us from the evil of illusion of being separated from You.
For thine, and mine, is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory,
For I know that, as you did, so can I -- and more.
Forever, in the Eternal Now.

Uriel, January 3, 2004