Divine Cosmos - Home page for David Wilcock.  Outside of LL Research the most knowledgeable expert on RA and The Law of One material.
The Law of One - PDF version - direct link to LL Research library page for an online pdf version of The Law of One material. - Home page for R. W. "Dick" Richardson
RAandTheLAWofONE - A yahoo group focused on the discussion of The Law of One material
Mystical Reunion Fellowship Discussion Group - A yahoo group focused on the implementation of the Law of One to achieve spiritual elevation
Universal Gnostic Fellowship - [formerly Universal Gnostic Church] a fellowship of various esoteric organizations with valuable resources for Mystical Reunion Members
Esoteric Free Masonry - a resource for those who would like to incorporate the Esoteric Masonic teachings into their path.
Gnostic Druid Fellowship - resources for those wishing to incorporate druidic influences into their spiritual path.  Druidic influence would be initiation toward nature, Earth healing, and oneness with the environment.
Gnostic Essence Fellowship - resources for those seeking to incorporate energy healing into their spiritual seeking.
Gnostic Shaman Fellowship - a shamanic school or spirituality based on the Turtle-Heart principles-Oceanic and Andean Ancestral Mysticism. 
Chivalric Martinist Order - teachings practices, and initiation of a Templar and Martinist Spiritual Order updated for the 21st century.
Gnostic Yoga Fellowship - recommended for those wishing to improve their meditation skills and for those interested in incorporating Buddhist, Hindu and Eastern Philosophy into their spiritual seeking.
Sophia Fellowship - a resource for those who may be wishing to follow a more traditional Gnostic path with an emphasis on the Divine Feminine, the Divine Goddess, the Mother of all things within the Universe, Sophia, and Mary Magdalene.
Inergetix-CoRe - is an affiliate of Mystical Reunion Fellowship and is a maker of a customizable informational and energy medicine device that works on both bioinformational and bioenergetic levels that is utilized in the Bishop's capacity as a Spiritual Health Coach.
Online Sacred Texts - Excellent resource for online electronic versions of various sacred texts.  Has excellent library of texts spanning a plethora of spiritual paths.
First Baptist Gnostic Church - We are an Independent Church maintaining the "Christ Within" as stated in various Gnostic Text and world Teachings. Through initiation of Baptism and further spiritual practice of Meditation, Prayer, Ritual we build our hearts and minds in serving God and humanity. [This Church is not a Fundamentalist Baptist Church.]