The modality of healing of a dis-ease within an individual can only be brought about by the individual itself.  The treatment of a dis-ease brings about a healing on two levels, physical and through spiritual or consciousness energy intervention.  Without an individual’s certainty that the chemicals used in treatment will bring about a cure the probability of successful intervention in the dis-ease drops dramatically. 

There are many, many recorded instances of spontaneous healings from dis-eases that Western medicine had previously diagnosed as being hopeless.  Where then does that healing come from, how is it possible, and is there ways to assist in bolstering the spiritual or consciousness aspects of healings?

Manifestations that accompany dis-ease occur on multiple levels.  A manifestation may occur in the physical which will cause the individual to exhibit physical indications of a malfunctioning or dis-ease of the body.  These physical indications are the result of the disruption of the harmonious or normal state vibratory interaction of the various cells and components of the body.  Our bodies have a normal “healthy” state in which every component of the body from cells to organs interact in a harmonious pattern.  Whenever this pattern becomes disrupted for any reason then the body exhibits the manifestations that correlate to that particular malfunction or disharmony.

In addition to the physical manifestations, the dis-ease or malfunction will be accompanied by disruption in the spiritual or consciousness aspects of the individual.  Such distortions of the natural resonances of the spiritual and consciousness can be ascertained.  An individual’s consciousness or spiritual health has a normal state similar to that of the physical aspect. 

The energy or essence of the spirit or consciousness is identified as a flow that occurs in relation to an individual’s existence.  The flow is an energetic that is correlative to Universal Life force or Universal Life Energy.  This energetic flow exhibits forms of resonance that can be disrupted by the existence of dis-ease or malfunctions of the physical body.  The disruptions of harmonious flow can occur at given points within the energy meridians of the body.  Just as sound (Ultrasound) and electrical signal evaluations (EEG, EKG) can be used in assisting in discovering the physical malfunction various methods and means can be used to assist in the identification of the disruptions in the consciousness flow.

Treatment by intervention with an outside stimulus or catalyst under the guidance and direction of a Western Medical Practitioner can and should be used to assist in the correction of the physical manifestation of the malfunction or disharmony.  Such treatment allows the individual to be more fully able to both physically and spiritually heal with a greater degree of efficiency and with less of a demand on the individuals natural healing abilities.   However, to rely solely upon the Western medical treatment approach is denying the individual half of the fully available resources for healing.

Think of it this way.  If you in a row boat and the bottom develops a leak, by trying to keep the water bailed out of the boat you may be able to make it back to safety.  However, if at the same time you apply efforts to stop the water from coming in you increase the probability of your reaching shore safely.  The same effect applies in the treatment of dis-ease and malfunctions within the individual.  If you only treat the physical you might make it to shore but if you combine both physical treatment and spiritual treatment you increase your chances of making it safely back to the harbor.

As a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, I believe that spiritually healing is vital in all situations.  In applying spiritual healing I rely on several tools to be able to accomplish the task.  One such tool is the Inergetix-CoRe System.  The Inergetix-CoRe is an advanced "computer based" device that combines analysis and balancing on both the informational and energetic levels.  It is used to rebalance the clients’ distortions in their spiritual/consciousness flow.  Since Universal Life Force or Universal Life Energy is not restricted to individuals the rebalancing of the Universal Life Flow can be used on animals and plants.


Bishop Asa Fraser

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach


Inergetix Principles Statement and Disclaimer

1. Because I support the generally accepted idea of the Cartesian Dualism I cannot intend or expect any changes on the physical health level by the methods I am using with the Inergetix system.

2. If positive or negative changes on the physical health level occur I and the client agree that this can only be a synchronistic event without any causal connection to the actual treatment with the CoRe system or in other words it is a Placebo-effect.

3. With the disciples of Descartes, such as Nicholas Malebranche we believe that all mind-body interactions require the direct intervention of God or Universal Spirit. What the therapist with the help of the Inergetix system does is to be a facilitator for this to happen.

Neither the therapist nor Inergetix can or does claim to be the causative factor for positive or undesirable effects on the physical health level.

We should also make clear that if we use sound, electricity, magnetism, light or other forms of energy that this is used only to increase the believe/placebo effect of the spiritual intervention similarly as in the church wine and incense are used.

This is doubtless the case for the Inergetix informational functions but also every scientist would agree that the energy intensities used by the energy applicators are so minute that a physiological effect is not possible.

Note: When I anywhere use the words treat, diagnose, disease, remedy, patient I only refer to treating, diagnosing spiritual and mind diseases. The only function the Inergetix system can have is to propose spiritual remedies or the spiritual meaning/symbolism of material remedies. Also if it indicates any organs or part of the body this is not indicating any disease in this organ but is giving only a symbolic clue to the trained practitioner to make conclusions on “physically unrelated” spiritual/mental issues.


Any spiritual work that may be recommended is not intended nor is it to be used as a substitute for the seeking of professional medical advice and treatment.  Anyone who suspects or knows that they have a medical condition is advised to seek professional medical care.  All sessions and recommendations are in reference to spiritual and/or consciousness energy aspects of an individual.  All work is intended only to act as stimulation for spiritual change.